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January 30

distant trees / blend together into / webs of waiting / (C) EPM

January 29

feeling melancholy, fear and anger / questioning why without answer / stepping aside in consideration / mystery no easy appreciation / when all this is so close to home / and there is nothing to be done / (C) EPM

January 25

Relentless grey / the weather and the brain fog / that says take it easy / nothing will harm / while you rest awhile. / Air will circle, turn and clear / sharpen the edges / of trees and creativity / nip life in the bud / ready to bloom again. / (C) EPM

January 23

Hearing the Great Bell / the marking of time / my thoughts go with Thay / but my breath remains. / The breath / that he taught me / was all I ever had / and all I would ever need. / (C) EPM (for Thich Nhat Hanh on his passing)

January 22

along my journey / the roadside verge lies dormant / wall moss vibrant green / its frosty blanket removed / by early morning sunshine / (C) EPM (tanka)

January 17

in the dormant trees / red tail lights / wait for the signal / (C) EPM

January 15

low winter sun / lights melancholy stillness / and quiet walkers / (C) EPM

January 14

garden at rest / nobody told the robin / singing haiku / (C) EPM

January 10


2nd attempt January 8

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