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29 days into May

Downy duckling week

Fabulous fun.

Egg to duckling experience

yes, it has now begun

so make your way

to Martin Mere

at Burscough town

in Lancashire

to see our babies 

soft and cosy

waiting for you 

to have a nosey.

(c) Elaine Patricia Morris

24 days into May

Quiet snip

of secauters.

Percussion to

bird song.


The shush

of sweeping

brush applauds.

(sept)   (c)

Elaine Patricia Morris.

21 days into May

I love                                  

using his

walking stick,

it’s just

like holding

his hand.

Hi. Dad.

(sept)  (c)  Elaine Patricia Morris


My poem Shin rin yoku will be published in Gazing at Gaia, an anthology for the Manchester Buddhist Centre.  I will be reading in the Lotus Hall before the Golden Buddha. 

Speechless ?     So am I.

9 days in to May

in it’s silken sheen

of solitude and sunshine

spider in darkest tulip

(Katauta)  (c)

Elaine Patricia Morris

7 days into May  

First buttercups

spread sunshine

across fields 

in reflection

under chin


do you

like butter.


(c) Elaine Patricia Morris 

Sept.  Seven two word lines with

a break between any two lines.

6 days into May

wrens flit in and out-

toadflax mitres the corners

in the walled garden

(c) Elaine Patricia Morris

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