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April 27

just counting the days
these chrysanthemum petals
still they do not fall

Afternoon delight

two blackbirds
Mr and Mrs
cock their heads
feed on daisy peppered lawn
springtime tea
(C) EPM #shadorma

Spring shadorma

greener now
sycamore starts gold
new leaves stretch
warmth and light
succour them with chlorophyll
summers verdant growth

April 22

dappled sunlight
the moving fragility
of expectation-
the winds whisper
I didn’t just catch

On the edge

Another morning
drowned in tears
living on the edge
of life

Another family
precariously perched
anchoring their hopes
on life

Another prayer
in meditative pose
searching for the answer
for life

April 20

all that sky
nothing up there
but sleeping stars
hopes and dreams

April 19

This morning
the sky is open
the universal light
well and truly on

April 18

my mind
as blank as my paper
no pen required

And yet…..

. How can nature be so cruel
. When all around is spring
. Are we now supposed to cry

. And is that azure in the sky
. The limit of eternity
. Should we now die

. While new life is all about
. Nature blooms and young birds sing
. Yet I have lost my song

. If there is yin
. If there is yang
. Where does the balance now belong
. (C) EPM April 2020


Easter Monday April 13

in lockdown quietness
pine cone
clicks opening in the suns warmth
moment passes
(C) EPM tauku-piku

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