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In her basket 30/6/20

in her basket
by smoky green lavender
small yellow flowers
bees by the scent of one
the colour of the other


I am breathing warm air
in the car parked waiting
cushioned by greenery and clouds
drifting on white noise

I catch up with myself
taking some time out
people busy around me

lowering my expectations
I once again find my new self

(C) EPM June 2020


His tasseled scarf hung past his waist
His fine grey beard hung from his chin
His long white hair hung down his back
His pleasant aura drew me in

His fingers strum his old banjo
His score of notes ring clear and true
His trilby hat rests on his head
His dark framed glasses resting too
His neat moustache rests on his smile
His wink came from his eye of blue

His words just tumble from his lips
His music from his finger tips
His paisley shirt
His odd waistcoat
His beating heart
His tapping foot

His name is Gavin,
I saw him there
His tunes still hanging in the air

(C) EPM March 2020


June 25

I combed my fingers
through your hair,
your grasses
flowing silken

June 20

summer hedge
hides the greener grass
in the next field

June 19

amid the thunder
sheltered sparrows chattering
petrichor rising

June 18

weeping willow
her tears dripping on my head
shelter from the rain

June 15

threadbare brocade

curtains of conversation

unraveling dramas

(C) EPM published by Poetry Pea in Ageing podcast

June 12

Here I am watching your tree flailing until its arms gather back in and rest.

Earth your tree so restful now and then so violent and angry or so it appears.

Leaning in I realise it is just responding to its trials and not complaining or looking back once it has settled.

Listing gratitude for symbolism, this momentt and your lesson teaching me that this too will pass, and trees.

Offering my appreciation of your light on the leaves and tbe light in my eyes.

(C) EPM #earthello


June 10

Here I am in the country park. Glad now I am here although I dreaded the journey.
Earth your clover and buttercups among flowering grasses, still on this calm day are surrounded by bird song. A siren sounds in the distance. So sad.
Leaning in I see the little red tail bees are busy in my time out. Your sun warm on my back. I must learn the names of these flowering grasses. And bring a note book out with me.
Listing gratitude for green spaces, the love of the man who brought me here and the little brown spotted moth on my sleeve. and the sweet scent I cannot place.
Offering my senses, my love and my desire to learn.
(C) EPM #earthello

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