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Are you really sure ?

trees mustard yellow

or rust or orangey pink,

greenish creamy grey


and yet you still tell yourself

that all these spring trees are green

(c) April 2017 Elaine Patricia Morris

29 days into April

tender green fingers

tip conifer’s outstretched arms-

other life shelters


on the tree top nests

black rooks are swapping over-

babies are hungry

(c) Elaine Patricia Morris

23 days into April

Elfje series.


born leaves

soft and amber

turn sycamore summer green.



can I

not be inspired

by the season’s turning.


(c)  Elaine Patricia Morris.

22 days into April


cherry trees

heavy with blossom

hundreds of tiny petals.


(Elfje) (c) Elaine Patricia Morris


15 days into April

leaves unfolding

thicken hedges

hide fields

shield birth

protect nestings


springtime reveals

and conceals


(Sept) Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

A few days late

smiling wonderment

flowers being delivered-

happy birthday Jill


Elaine Patricia Morris (c) April 2017

April Showers

Lesser celandines

marsh marigolds

coltsfoot and dandelions

golden spring in flower


Ox eye daisies

wood anemones

white bells, blue bells

leaflets on the bower


Catkins swinging

magnolia scenting

cherry blossom blooming

longer daytime hours


sunshine brighter

warming up the earth’s soul

trees and gardens growing

after April showers.


Elaine Patricia Morris 

(c) April 2017

Birthday fun

I have reached my three score years and ten

I am away for a few days break in Wales

To consider the consequences now and again

Then I will return with a few little tales

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)



horse chestnut

fingers wriggle free

awake from winter’s sleep.



Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

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