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December 29

in a clearing sky / a finger nail of moon / points to day blind stars / (C) EPM

December 22

fairy lit hot chocolate / Advent comfort / (C) EPM

December 20

those bare branches bright / with yellow pips of excitement / all is yet to come / (C) EPM

December 11

yesterday kids played with snow / in todays cafe they drink slush / then splodge their way home / (C) EPM

December 9

Jupiter and Mars / clear above the festive lights / Cold moon reflecting / (C) EPM

December 8

ambulance / blue lights twinkle in reflection / no celebration / (C) EPM

December 7

roof top frost remains / where chimney long shadows lay / jet stream in blue sky / (C) EPM

December 4

the strobe effect / low sun behind bare trees / then the curtain falls / (C) EPM

December 3

of the incomplete / wabi sabi beauty / just a few leaves left / (C) EPM

December 1

eyes running now / sudden drop to three degrees / no rain drops though / (C) EPM

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