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Instigates pain
Sheered off bone
Loss of movement
Only temporary, we hope
Cast of fibreglass in blue
Assists arm immobilisation
Traumatic memories returning
In quiet moments or times of pain
Only weeks will tell where the story ends
Now that it has suddenly written the first lines
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) November 2018


24 days into November

restrictive movement
challenges mind and body-
each day a new day
Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

22 days into November

gravity takes bones
dislocates and fractures-
tree branches split- weep
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

19 days into November

light of leaves
birch branches flounce
beneath a cloud
flourished sky-
dew silvered fields
spread to the horizon-
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

18 days into November

black lace trees
a peach satin sunset
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018
(word piku)

17 days into November

sun shines
on the giver
and on the reciever
today I saw the joy this brings
love’s light
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

16 days into November

moving through seasons
we tread different paths
accepting the offerings
of the universe as they come
in all colours and religions
light is our common need
the greatest gift of all
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

15 days into November

empty lane closed off
traffic nose to tale stop start-
leaves fall freely
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

14 days into November

warm cosy
it’s coming
for salutation
Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

13 days into November

Melancholy mood
Envelopes me
Listless leaves drift down
Over the valley floor
Nature’s silence
Covers the pathway
Here – I am still
Only my mind wanders
Losing itself in the mist
Yawning into sleep

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

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