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June shortforms


The lushness of a
summer lane, enveloped in
the scent of blossom.
Cushions me from work day life
between it’s verdant hedgerows.

Elfje series.

iridescent, fragile,
spectrum of light.
We dip and wave.

skimming grass,
wild carrot and hedges.
We walk, they fly.


Buttercup season
nature’s wealth
shows in
golden fields.

Nodding sunshine
on the
duller days.
Elaine Morris (c) June 2015.


The Reader

Swirling the last of the tea round a cup
I swiftly pour the dregs away.
Quietly cradling the cup I gaze.

I see a journey across the sea
where the sand is golden
and sunshine lingers longer.

A dream cloud over your head
that tells of distant friends and family
waiting for your touch.

I see you happy walking tall
smiling in contentment
holding my hand in yours.

Is this the day I make you mine
and promise to be yours
to sail the sea of life together?

A pin striped suit for you, packed.
A filigree gown with silver sandals,
then beach wear for three weeks.

Hugs with people blessing us
with love, support and presents.
Confetti blowing along the beach.

All our years together
out on the horizon drifting,
calling, beckoning us.

One more cup before we leave
to fly into our lives together.
Our life without tea leaves.

It’s okay. I still love you,
even though you prefer teabags
with no romance and magic.

Elaine Morris (c) May 2015

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