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December 28

Sun rays stream to earth
until the sky blushes

Dear Earth December 26

Here I am feeing quiet and almost bereft after a worrying time yesterday.

Earth I have come out to the restfulness of nature. This is what I need today.

Leaning in I see lichen clinging to bare branches as I cling to you.

Listing gratitude for stillness, calm people and my own quiet nature.

Offering the comfort of my home on my return here.



Christmas Day

December 23

bare branches to and fro
wind whips up the water
grey dusk approaches
my anxiety settles in twilight
only us here in all this space

December 22

so much business
preparation for stillness
we just need to stop

and when the sun sets
let your inner light shine out
look towards its source

Dcember 20

winter is bold and bare
it stares you in the face
in monochrome

December 19

not full
of Christmas cheer
cherish your loved ones
far or near
stay safe.

December 18

just icing
Christmas cakes
to seasonal sounds
whatever is different
love is the same
the trees glisten
with moisture
wherever you find
light surrounds all
in peace


December 16

scribbly trees above me
squelchy leaves below
evergreen hedge to west of me
in the east a robins breast glows
time sits deep in the heart of me
beating a rythmn just so

December 10

rich fruits
almonds and cherries
I stir with love
heart warming
sharing of peace
wishes in the air
(C) EPM (Christmas elf – je)

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