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The Virus (sedoka)

A dark thunder cloud
is residing in my head
waiting for electric charge,
cooling rain, shivers,
sheets or forks of lightening
to crack and release pressure.

It’s just a virus
taking precious time from me.
I am tired, numb and useless.
battle with the cough and cold.
I feel I am not quite here.

Just a few more days,
my head and breathing should lift,
my appetite should return.
The sun will come out.
New me will run into life
whole again, smiling, alive.

Elaine Morris (c) April 2016.


Tanka 4/24

after days of sun
Arctic wind chills our springtime
tender leaves shiver

lambs shelter beside Mothers
early blossom snatched from the trees

Cloud nine

Is there space for me
A vacant vapour cushion
To write my poems

Just a spot where I
Can gather like cumulus
Words to make pictures

Memories to share
Across a mackerel sky
Secured in my book
Will my shadow float
Over lakes, fields and hillsides
Make my dream come true

Some vapour trails are
Drawing kisses on the sky
Is this my answer

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