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25 days into July

I don’t wake up well
it takes me 2 or 3 hours
to find purpose in the day

the pale grey stillness
of a manchester morning
here in the suburbs

cushions me from intrusion
while I drink my tea

becoming concious
of the world beyond my spot
today’s life begins

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 

A query in July

If there are clouds in the paper and stories in the clouds why are we writing ?

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

17 days into July

I am doing a Writing and Spirituality course run by Writing Our Way Home and this week we are looking at perseverance. 


waiting game

or working game

we have to persevere



beavering patiently

toiling with discipline

we must still persevere


phew !

flowers bloom

sit back relax

our perseverance pays off


Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Moon dance

The moon poured onto the sea

an ever flowing stream

danced on the waves

edging closer to the shore.

As she slipped nearer

to the indigo horizon

pouring more slowly even then

yet losing nothing.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) July 2017

Dove Cottage

A silken rain fell in Grasmere

but it didn’t spoil the day

no more than it did the poetry

William Wordsworth wrote while there.

(c) Elaine Patricia Morris

3 days into July

For Faith and Spirituality.

The quiet boat edged along

where warblers sang and

shoals of tiny sticklebacks

waltzed just beneath the surface.

Glistening jewels embroidered

the sun drenched lake.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Summer stone 30-6-17

Making way for something new.

The gate
to anywhere

stands alone.


No walls,

no fence,

no hedge.

No boundaries.

(sept)  Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Last day of June

This is my notebook for Writing Our Way Home e-course for Spacious July.

Writing and Spirituality here I come.

Summer stones 29-6-17


baby flamingo

practises it’s paddling-

soon to feed itself.


Syllabic quad…

the sycamore’s

spinning jennys

tree stalactite

ripen ready


Word duo…

evening reading-

no watering

All (c) Elaine Patricia

Summer stone 26-6-17

unseen summer bird

sings chiff chaff, chiff chaff, chiff chaff-

just sit and listen.

(haiku) Elaine Patricia (c)





fireside chill

self love shared

no frill

no drill

no pill

Stephanie Ann (c)

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