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May 5

across the garden
small birds undulating flight
write the music

a choir of viola
raise their heads and sing
the morning anthem


My magic box

I will put in my magic box…

The wild flowers of my childhood
around the lanes in Shropshire
and in the Sahara desert where
you’d least expect to find them
to take them home to Mum.
I will put in my magic box…

The pine cones we collected
in Surrey woods and commons
daisy chains in Guildford parks
a field of golden buttercups
that reflect beneath my chin.
I will put in my magic box…

sea shells picked up in Somerset
and faraway in Tripoli
where mimosa bushes hid our den
and the donkey came with Ramadan
to take me to the sea.

My magic box is made of…

Summer dresses stitched by Mother
with skirts as free as summer wind
circles of love, circles of everything
scented with jam jar rose petal perfume
securely tied with white satin ribbon.


April 26

a cluster of stars
look up through the trees
wood anemone

April 25

supermarket shopping
not everybodies thrill
but I have been today
and am elated, it was brill
it is just a little scooter
now I venture where I will
I have been to Moss Bank park
and Brockholes up the hill
standing stones above the river
in the sunshine fit the bill

April 24

among reed grass
hazel spreads her pleated leaves
these summer skirts

April 22

sweet April
spring blossom
magnolia scent
blue sky and
the swallows
are back

(C)EPM (septolet)

April 20

scooter day
shall I, shan’t I
freedom of motion
freedom of pain
all summer
to play
(C) EPM (septolet)

April 17

Today I watched a mother do a reflexology on her son. Outside on a lawn in the sunshine. A passing brimstone did not disturb the moment. I am just sitting here among the bird song and pink rhodedendrons.

The mullioned windows of Rufford Old Hall reflect the sun. Still the birds sing against a one sided phone call and the hum of traffic on the main road. A shiny little beetle crawls between the courtyard cobbles and a lone wasp investigates the old brickwork.

All the time the birds sing. I wonder where that chiff chaff is ? The blackthorn hedge is in a drift of white blossom.

such love in springtime
did I really feel her touch
the kiss of sweet song.
(C) EPM (haibun)

April 16

between blackbirds song
chiff chaff chiff chaff calls
lichen yellowed trees

(C) EPM (Jack Collum Lune)

April 12

The sun was warm
then cold wind blew
across the lake
came shadow clouds
to chill my spot
but not my view

this changing scene
this changing life
this motion


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