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Last day in November

white rooftops
steaming gently–
winter soup simmers

November 26

Autumn leaves fewer now–
the fire nearly out (c) EPM

November 24


November 23

a little mouse runs
under the rockery stones–
robin sits and sings
visibly different
fully accepting each other
(C) EPM #tanka

November 22

strings of lights
wait for power–
I also wait
(C) EPM #haiku

November 20

writer’s block
frozen in time

Adult Education

Adult education
Do I still need to be taught
Useless fun activities
Learning things I could have bought
Typing letters, what’s wrong with text
Embroidery, painting, just a sketch
Dancing in a line, what next
Up stairs and down like Fred Astaire
Cause I’m retired, do I really care
At this time of life do I have the flair
Tomorrow’s just another day
I can do anything, I can work or play
Only if my day just goes to pot
Next term, I might give it a shot.


Minutiae, the little things
Insignificant trivial things
Not to be taken for granted
Unsung heroes of the ordinary
Timeless often unnoticed things
Ignored until neccesary-
Acknowledge the worth of these things
Everyday needs are among them.

(C) EPM (acrostic of minutiae)

November 15

walking across fields
I can’t catch up with the mist–
falling leaves don’t rush
#haiku #tanshi #smallstone

November 12

the buskers pan pipes
play in the wind–
hot chocolate, warm hands
#haiku #tanshi

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