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Summer stone 30-6-17

Making way for something new.

The gate
to anywhere

stands alone.


No walls,

no fence,

no hedge.

No boundaries.

(sept)  Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Last day of June

This is my notebook for Writing Our Way Home e-course for Spacious July.

Writing and Spirituality here I come.


Summer stones 29-6-17


baby flamingo

practises it’s paddling-

soon to feed itself.


Syllabic quad…

the sycamore’s

spinning jennys

tree stalactite

ripen ready


Word duo…

evening reading-

no watering

All (c) Elaine Patricia

Summer stone 26-6-17

unseen summer bird

sings chiff chaff, chiff chaff, chiff chaff-

just sit and listen.

(haiku) Elaine Patricia (c)





fireside chill

self love shared

no frill

no drill

no pill

Stephanie Ann (c)

Summer stone 25-6-17


in a beautiful garden-

many plants discussed

(haiku) Elaine Patricia (c)

Summer stone 24-6-17

today’s bud

tomorrow’s promise

(word duo)

Elaine Patricia

Summer stone 23-6-7

first rain shower

earth’s scent rises

in her thirst

(word trio) Elaine Patricia (c)


stone still

steady eddy


(c) Stephanie Ann 

Summer stone 22-6-17

The lady with the

strawberry cream scone

put sweeteners

in her tea.       

…..Elaine Patricia


aged slow stone

truth keeper


……Stephanie Ann

Summer stone 21-6-17

petal falls-

movement in

warm stillness.

Elaine Patricia (c)

Summer stones

On this summer solstice

as a family, we start writing

the small stones of summer.

Watch out for these daily posts.

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