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Review May 30

This is not a hiatus
till life starts again
or shout it’s unfai
or a sentence to bare
it’s a time to review
and renew

This is not a disturbance
in your daily life
it’s the time to discover
a time to uncover
the chance to find out
who you are

(C) May 2020 EPM

May 29

Here I am in the garden struggling mentally
Earth your breeze all around me at its own pace
Leaning in it carresses my bare arms
Listing gratitude for its coolness, momentum and lilting bird song
Offering my efforts to ground myself
(C) #hellodearearth

May 28

Here I am with my colouring book
Earth, your colours inspire me
Leaning in I hear the shush of the pencil as I shade
Listing gratitude for my sight, the quietness and my thoughts
Offering this moving meditation.
(C) #hellodearearth

May 27

Here I am sitting in my garden window
Earth your trees blowing in the wind
Leaning in, eyes closed I hear the sea in the branches
Listing gratitude for my home, my chair and my window
Offering you my writing to spread your joy

May 26

Here I am riding in the car. I am sorry but I do not have the choice of walking or cycling.
Earth I see the leaves torn from your trees and scattered
Leaning in I open the car window and feel the wind in my hair
Listing gratitude for my breath, the sense of touch and your ability to fight back after disturbance natural or manmade
Offering you my time to appreciate with awe.


May 25

Here I am at the top of the hill Earth, swifts scythe through your air Leaning in I see the wind speed varies Listing gratitude for clouds, the blue bits and the farm gate I lean on Offering my ears to listen to the song of the wind

May 24

Here I am in your abundance.

Earth your whole being in the palm of my hand.

Leaning in I find our interbeing.

Listing gratitude for land, sea and sky.

Offering you my soul.


This piece is the beginning of my work for Hello Dear Earth by Satya. The lines start with the letters of hello. Using the first words as Here I am … Earth you are… Leaning in…. Listing gratitude (at least 3 things)…. Offering you…..

May 18 Escape

I purl away the hours
and dream of yesterday
when all the world was ours
to walk and work and play
I knit these two together
and wonder about my friends
who wait also in the never
round corners and round bends
A cable stitch I come upon
working forward then right back
like steps for those whose jobs have gone
have they slipped through a crack
I dropped a stitch three rows ago
now we are all unwinding
the country is closed but things still grow
we are searching without finding
I escape into my knitting
just one stitch at a time
you may hear my needles clicking
two metres away from mine.

May 13

they said to wear masks
during coronavirus
stay alert, stay safe
later we will meet again
each one of us a wing nut

May 9

tiny bounce
on laurel leaf
(C) EPM #piku

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