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Did they know it was Christmas ?

A friend of mine wondered about birds at Christmas which set me thinking.  These are my thoughts.


The blue tit didn’t know,

she was eating, swinging about,

feeding a tiny mouse below

she didn’t know was there.


Starlings gathered,

chattering round the table,



A great tit watched from a bare branch,



Our resident blackbird cocked her head

in wonderment,

paying careful attention to something,



Dunnocks and the wren

popped in and out of the hedge,



All the while, the robin sat

on the old plant pot.


Maybe she knew.


…Elaine Patricia Morris (c) December 2016.


Home – Flight of the Swans

Sacha is now back on home soil

after teaching us of the decline.

The Bewick swan faces extinction

So please pick up the link and sign.

Elaine (c)


on December first

unbox the advent village-

mark time by houses

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

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