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October 18

I come into myself / sitting in warm stillness / outside it rains / (C) EPM

October 15

October 8 2nd try

Light dream

The light that lingers / where I long to be / up high on the moor / where the wind blows free

And cloud shadows sweep / across lovat and straw / how I wish I could be / among heather and gorse

Where cotton grass dances / and cannot stand still / I gaze up at the sky / that tips over the hill

The fresh winds of time / forever move on / undisturbed by the light / from the moon or the sun

Or the darkest of skies / when starlight shines out / that cannot be seen / with street lights about

The last ray of light / where the sunset lies / high up on the moorland / gently closes its eyes

But still on the moor / in a different scene / the song of the wind / carries my dream.

(C) Elaine Patricia Morris

September 29

September 28

September 27

September 26

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