From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

January 23

heading home / warmer colours in the sky / evening chill creeps in / (C) EPM

January 22

palest blue background / pencil drawn trees and pylons / such simple lines / (C) EPM

January 18

poking through the earth / they’re coming in their brightness / when golden trumpets play / (C) EPM

January 17

when the fog cleared / everything was different / even the air was sharp / (C) EPM

January 16

the church tower / bathed in the golden hours light / no matter the stopped clock (C) EPM

January 12

the river / runs cold and lively / changing the stones of time / (C) EPM

January 11

branch silver beaded / before slim fingers / friendship bracelet / (C) EPM

January 9

wet monochrome world / all day in the gloaming / shallow breathing / (C) EPM

January 2

walking to the west / sunset gets further away / can I reach nirvana / (C) EPM

December 29

in a clearing sky / a finger nail of moon / points to day blind stars / (C) EPM

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