From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Summer stone 25-6-17


in a beautiful garden-

many plants discussed

(haiku) Elaine Patricia (c)

Summer stone 24-6-17

today’s bud

tomorrow’s promise

(word duo)

Elaine Patricia

Summer stone 23-6-7

first rain shower

earth’s scent rises

in her thirst

(word trio) Elaine Patricia (c)


stone still

steady eddy


(c) Stephanie Ann 

Summer stone 22-6-17

The lady with the

strawberry cream scone

put sweeteners

in her tea.       

…..Elaine Patricia


aged slow stone

truth keeper


……Stephanie Ann

Summer stone 21-6-17

petal falls-

movement in

warm stillness.

Elaine Patricia (c)

On this summer solstice

as a family, we start writing

the small stones of summer.

Watch out for these daily posts.

Behold the glorious summer solstice

balmy days all our tomorrows

earth’s aura meets the sunbeams kiss


far behind the starlight trellis

hushed dawns ascending sunlight shows

behold the glorious summer solstice


through half closed eyes in dreaming bliss

blowing bubbles full of rainbows

earth’s aura meets the sunbeams kiss


standing stones the circles chalice

welcome back sweet singing swallows

behold the glorious summer solstice


hawthorn, ash and oak, the coppice

ceilidh dancers stripping willows

earth’s aura meets the sunbeams kiss


buttercup summers such as this

swaying corn in sunshine mellows

behold the glorious summer solstice

earth’s aura meet the sunbeams kiss.


Elaine Patricia Morris (c) June 2017

20 days into June


beauty, strength, freedom

my little temple garden

water reflects life’s truth

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

9 days into June

Laurel leaves

lapping like

tongues in

the rain.


Enjoying the

freshest of

summer’s drinks.

(Sept) Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

2 days into June

Do I need the restrictions of time?

Is nature’s pulse not enough?

Surely dawn and dusk have

more purpose than pretty skies.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

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