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December 30

playing solitaire / on a quiet afternoon / these ‘ silly six’ days / (C) EPM

December 26 – 31 I always think of these days as the ‘silly six’ between Christmas and New Year. Days you are never sure what to do with.

December 28

help or aesthetic / three newly planted saplings / give rise to hope / (C) EPM

pied wagtails run / too fast to see their legs / clockwork wound up tight / (C) EPM

December 26

someone passed this way // into the mists of time // others can only imagine // (C) EPM

Chinese streamside garden / all is calm and quiet / only the water sings / (C) EPM

December 22

three gardens apart / one inflatable snowman / waves to another / (C) EPM

December 21


December 19

Written after a visit to RHS Bridgewater

The garden sleeps / jewelled lawns spread wide / trees sketch the sky / where long shadows lay / marble benches cold / wait for summer shorts / grasses hold their nerve / upright in winter sun / (C) EPM

December 18

beside the lake / trees spread against the sky / reach into reflection / (C) EPM

Decembers cold moon / pale in late afternoon light / sits low in the sky / (C) EPM

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