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31 days into July

Pensarn beach
turbines out
in the bay
waves breaking
ice cream drips
pebbles roll
shingle beach
shifting when
under feet
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2019

30 days into July

cool wind blowing trees
umbelliferae bounces
these Clwyddan hill
road cuts through rock-then
Wales opens up before you
green and sky- this view
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2019

Well that 6 years passed quickly


29 days into July

red lights up front
yet traffic trundles along
roadside scarlet poppies nod
wind across
Cheshire plains
fields of agriculture
and a
of oxeye daisies
looking out
the old man
of Helsby
his face-
the side
of the
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2019
#katauta #septolets

28 days into July

wheel spray lifts a swirling mist
car travels on cloud burst
this wet motorway journey
home gutter overflows
rain drums on car roof-
my fingers tapping
I wait for a lull to get out-
no luck
pouring rain-
around my boots
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2019
#reversehaiku #gogyohka #piku

It happened yesterday

Home from our holiday
The wash machine broke
Rescued clothes dripping
this is surely a joke
Pegged them outside
Giving garden a soak

Washing line snapped
All clothes in the dirt
Go out buy a new one
The expense will not hurt
Meanwhile to my sisters
‘He’ needs a clean shirt
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2019

28 days into July

ragwort, grass
rosebay willow

verge display
pinks and yellow

( piku pair)

(c) Elaine Patricia Morris 2010

On the coast in Angelsey

Llywygg bay
bar shop and cafe
in teepee and tents
sandy beach
water sports
and evening events (tanshi)
lifeboat station
sea watch point
visitor centre and grounds
effro* (elfje)
* alert, vigiliant in Welsh
Benllech, sand castles

guarding wind breaks and picnics

British summertime
holidaymakers bathing

on the North Angelsey coast (tanka)
All (c) Elaine Patricia Morris

move along
rowan berries ripening
sun shines between clouds
highlights (c)

21 days into July

my favourite bench
where willow weeps and ducks call
that’s my kind of quiet

light ripples on water
breeze brushes trees, birds sing
that’s my kind of quiet

I like to be alone
but not in isolation
that’s my kind of quiet

you see my kind of quiet
is within
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2019

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