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29 days into January

winter evenings

piecing together jigsaws

family closeness

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)


27 days into January

In my own small space

in the quiet time of year

the arbour stands neglected,

it still holds my heart

I feel the need to touch it

the old grey willow watching.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

24 days into January

I do things 

in between other things

to get things done.

I change my hat

to one of my other hats

to get things done.

I’m someone else

at different times of day

to get things done.

I can still choose

who it is I want to be

to get things done.

I have the freedom

to make make whatever choice

to just be me.

I like my life

I am a lucky girl

who gets things done.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c).

20 days into January

Harbingers of spring

silent strength I wish I had

Martin Mere today

Hanging in sunshine

with me on a lovely day

hazel catkins- cool.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Home ¬†7 days into 2017

Misty damp mornings

in early January

don’t offer much hope


they can even hide

the clarity of our minds

these depressing days


don’t be disheartened

cherish the closeness of home

be yourself a while


it’s heart beats with yours

listen to it’s silent soul

it knows who you are.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

5 days into January

silhouetted trees

full of hopes and promises-

all seasons changing

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Surprise tanka

‚Äčno suprises here

this year’s grey is just the same-

wow, heather in bloom


putting smiles on our faces

a sprinkling of rosy pink


Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 

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