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December 31

all things in silhouette
sky slips from peach to darkening grey
the year’s eye closes

December 30

not a good day–
eases pain and tension–
sometimes we have to plan
our lives a different way–
using familiarity
as a basis

December 29

one smile

in the night sky

(C) monoku

December 27

limbo days
time for reflection–
the moon in a puddle

December 21

the azure
of this shortest day–
her eyes so blue

December 19

stop in the stillness
that rests and renews–
look to the trees

December 16

slowly recovering
from a
boiler emergency
wet back bedroom
and kitchen
replacement achieved
(C) EPM #septolet

December 11

so much stress
Christmas and leaking boiler–
It’s all a washout.

December 10

morning barely awake
dressed in a grey shroud–
and yet there is hope
(C) EPM #haiku

December 9

I am in a dry period

writing doesn’t flow

maybe a new project

something different, you know

responses to the work

of old masters like Basho

or maybe just a cup of tea

and let the feeling go.

no, I really should write on

whatever I have to show

and see where responses take me

okay then here we go


in field nor mountain, nothing stirs

on this snowy morning

.. Chiyo-Ni

rivers flow

snow falls

earth sighs

.. (C) EPM


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