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Joyful January 27 – 31 The End

#JoyfulJan 27
Coffee at the garden centre
whatever time of day
blondes, brunettes and auburn hair
hides ‘fifty shades of grey’.

#JoyfulJan 28
Getting home just before the rain started again.

#JoyfulJan 29
First flower on my mammillaria cactus.

#JoyfulJan 30
Such joy today. A pait of wrens, hailstones dancing and a rainbow.

#JoyfulJan 31
Reading through a whole month of joy.


Penultimate Joyful January

#JoyfulJan 22
A couple of hours with my colouring books.

#JoyfulJan 23
Baking with my Grandson.  Cookies and a Victoria sponge with fresh cream.

#JoyfulJan 24
First snowdrops blooming at Martin Mere.

#JoyfulJan 25
A full moon in a star lit sky.

#JoyfulJan 26
Seeing my little cousin walk (on video) just before her first birthday.
(First cousin twice removed)

Joyful January 18 – 21

#JoyfulJan 18

A coaltit having breakfast with the usual suspects.

#JoyfulJan 19

A bowl of homemade winter vegetable and barley broth for tea.

#JoyfulJan 20

Watching the moon rise and the sun set in a clear sky.

#JoyfulJan 21

A fuel bill considerably less than expected.

JoyfulJan carries on.

#JoyfulJan 14
White turbines on a snow topped hill against a blue sky.

#JoyfulJan 15
A hard frosty morning.

#JoyfulJan 16
Waterstones book shop with a fistful of gift vouchers.

#JoyfulJan 17
One of nature’s balancing acts.  Snow on twigs.

More Joyful January

#JoyfulJan 9 
Getting the price of my broadband knocked down

#JoyfulJan 10
Water bubbling and frothing it’s way down a gully on Darwen Moor in the sunshine

#JoyfulJan 11
Finishing long overdue paperwork

#JoyfulJan 12
Heather flowering in the garden

#JoyfulJan 13
Hazel catkins swinging in the breeze

Cottongrass haiku


horizontal wind
blowing tufts of cottongrass
to quarter past three

Joyful January 6, 7 and 8

#JoyfulJan 6
At last the sun’s come out.

#JoyfulJan 7
Choosing which poems to read at tomorrow’s lunch club.

#JoyfulJan 8
Seeing the first hawthorn leaves of 2016.

Joyful Jan 3, 4 and 5

#JoyfulJan 3
A lovely meal cooked by my smashing daughter, just ready after my work at Martin Mere.

#JoyfulJan 4      Knowing I have done the right thing.

#JoyfulJan 5      Sharing my poetry with friends.

Happy New Year

Thank you all my supporters throughout 2015.   Happy New Year.   You may notice some changes to my posts this year.  Firstly I am joining WOWH  in #JoyfulJan     .

#JoyfulJan  1

Food – friendship – New Year’s Day – fun and laughter – celebrate – season’s – joy

#JoyfulJan  2

Joy is a friendly optician when your glasses are broken so you can see the flower on the end of the satsuma.

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