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Natures Necklace

Do silver threads of hydrogen and oxygen

support the crystal pendant

as it drips in to the mirrored lake

and reflects the sapphire sky.


Do golden threads of sunlight vaporise the clouds

to gently cradle pearl drops

while they drift across the jet black void

by opal moonbeam’s rays.


Do fractured shards of amethyst and rose quartz

cause falls of diamond droplets

to embroider rhinestone patterns

upon the emerald earth.


Do rippling streams of water glistening pure and clear

link chains of natural life for us

encircling flora, fauna, wealth,

by silver threads unseen.

Elaine P Morris  (c)



The castle stands above the moat
the castle lies beneath
dreaming in the gentle ripples slowly.
Turrets perpendicular
half shadowed tall and straight
stand veiled in magic silently bequeathed.

Deep behind the castle dreaming
stirring in the trees
blossom fairies dancing in the moonlight.
Waltz the colours of the rainbow
sing their song of whispers
scent the air with blessings on each breath.

When silver dewdrop scattered daisies
cast enchanted auras
while harebells chime a spell of pure delight.
Pale pink petal fairy dresses
drift on lilting water
when once again the castle lies beneath.

Elaine P Morris (c)


I sit, silence sings
the distant traffic sighs an
outward yogic breath.
– – –
In the breeze the grey willow
sways to ten past two.

Elaine P Morris (c)


On nature’s journey
unharvested hazel nut
newly grown sapling

strengthened, nourished and matured
becomes the traveller’s staff.

Elaine P Morris (c)


Blue birds dance

   beside daisies

      and pimpernels,

         fritillaries flit

            from violet to rose.

         Black thorn briars

      meandering tendrils

   wandering grape vines

where luscious fruit grows.

   Dark hearted anemones

      forget me nots peace,

         while blue willow winds

            where drifting streams flow.

         Apple green wallpaper

      corncockle chintz.

   William Morris

nature at home.

Elaine P Morris (c)

My Creativity.

  • Energising dawn,
  • Lifts my spirit,
  • Awakens my soul,
  • Iridescent shimmers,
  • Nurture my creativity,
  • Essence in poetry.


Spring awakens, reveals, unwraps,
Summer blooms in fullness and flowers,
Autumn scatters, cascades and showers,
Winter rests in repose and sleeps.
( this poem reads by starting at any line )

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