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Take me from sink, fridge and oven,

let me eat blackberries straight from the branch,

from screens and canned music

so I can hear birds sing while bees hum,

from air conditioning, heating and showers,

let sun be my warmth and raindrops refresh me,

from neon, flouresence and LEDs,

the moon and stars will light up my night,

from bricks, concrete, timber and tiles,

trees are my walls and sky my roof.

Take me from carpets, tarmac and gravel,

let me walk upon earth;


Elaine Morris (c) July 2015.



Sitting, eyes closed

The tide laps the shore,

waves breaking gently.

Now and then

a larger wave rushes on,

taking back the shingle.

Lost in the sound

I ride on the sea,

and breathe.

Eyes open,

I see a tree,

tossed by the wind.

40 miles from the coast.

I live in that moment.


Elaine Morris (c) June 2015.

July Septolet and Tanka


Buttercup season

so many

daisies look

like snow

beside the

dog rose

flowering pink.

Another season.



Pink seedy grass grows

taller than the buttercups

waiting for combine

to make hay while the sun shines

will feed the cows in winter.

Elaine Morris (c) June 2015.

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