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At last

till something long awaited
finally arrives

Always a haiku

aah, the summer sigh
of a wild flower border-
week day work goes on

chestnut tree shadow
fallen blossom on the bench-
should I sit or stand

The Swinging Gate.

Somehow I left the gate open,
my dreams were snatched away,
no regard for even what I had to say.
They’re the dreams I want forgotten.
What makes you so much better,
we are not supposed to be
the same, you’re not my family.
Why do you treat me like a leper?

One day I saw the gate ajar,
wondered could I gather flowers
have myself some peaceful hours
dream of friends, no longer war.
The gate slammed shut and I was stuck
with the gang who gathered round
trampled all into the ground
then left me sore and out of luck.

Then one day across the meadow
someone locked that five bar gate,
one summer evening late
beneath the long cloud shadow.
I woke up to the morning dew,
dreamt of life in sunny days,
where nobody would show me up
or beat me black and blue.

That fresh young man I married,
and we still walk out that way
recalling dreams of yesterday,
when in our love we tarried,
while everyone was out of sight
and loves young dreams were ours.
Sitting there while sunlight cowers
and long into the night.

So if you are the guilty ones
who daily made me cry.
Now let me see you try.
My dreams have moved me on.
Go and get yourself a heart,
I ‘m not scared, you’re much to late,
now you’re the ones outside the gate,
while I live and love. My life is great.
So tell me now who’s smart.

Elaine Morris (c) May 2016.


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