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Noticed in November


Who is

dwelling in

your brain

just now?

Do they

need to

be there?


Haiku x 2.

Starlings feeding in

November’s golden garden

just as the sun sets.


In spite of high winds

and torrential downpours-

the roses still bloom.



Sudden intake of breath.

I gasp in horror.

Amid the festive preparations

needless death and destruction.


Elaine Morris ( c ) November 2015.



My Struggle

Struggling with my writing at the moment.

Struggling with my life now winter’s here.

Struggling with the pain and inconvenience.

Struggling with my hearing and my sight.

Struggling with the fact I’m getting older.

Struggling with the sense that I’m now moaning.

I should have written all this down before.

I should have known that it would help me cope.

I should know now that writing is my anchor.

I should know how to organise my life.

I should give thanks for paper, pen and ink.

I should be grateful for the time to think.

It’s time I took myself right back to basics.

It’s time I looked to see what’s in my world.

It’s time for ‘small stone’ writing once again.

It’s time I re-capped all that I have done.

It’s time to put a new plan into action.

It’s time to move along in my own life.

Elaine Morris  (c)  November 2015.

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