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Fell Foot Park.

  Wind ruffles my hair,

  lake ripples roll towards me

  across Windermere,


  stopping short, unlike the wind,

  blowing to infinity.


  Elaine Morris (c) 2014

April Haiku

  Today is wind chilled,

  oak and ash have yet to leaf,

  Easter’s late, but cool.

  Elaine Morris (c) 2014

April Tanka

  Here standing on edge,

  flowers, birds and teddy bears,

  the odd glass of wine.


  Nervous of draught and duster,

  birthday card wishes from friends.


  Elaine Morris (c)  2014

April Elfje


tender green

horse chestnut leaves

limp like unfingered gloves.


Elaine Morris (c)  April 2014

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