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Eartheart August 31

Every leaf in participation

An orchestral tree

Rustling in the breeze

Tempo changing with the wind

Heavier branches crescendo

Early autumn diminuendo

Always retuning

Recycling renewing

Time sings in continuation


August 28

turbines turn

pylon to pylon

a stave of wires

carry power

across the salt marshes

(C) EPM #gogyohka #tanshi

August 25

Here I am travelling, listening to music.

Earth your sky is ever changing.

Leaning in I see clouds reflect the darker and lighter notes.

Listing gratitude for my glasses, hearing aids and orchestras.

Offering my anjali mudra.


August 23

Dear Earth

Here I am in the afternoon of a day that started with a migraine.
Earth you medicine has healed me and now here I enjoy your fresh air and trees.
Leaning in I see tiny changes. The shedding of seed covers and some yellowing leaves.
Listing gratitude for this place, the car that brings me here and muffled voices of other visitors.
Offering my smile for the little robin that always seems to be here.


August 21

some things never change
whatever the season
the oak is a tree
this is our anchor


E ease into the day
A accept this is your life
R recognise your wealth
T trust the earth will keep you
H hold onto your own faith
E enjoy lifes surprises
A act responsibly
R realise your potential
T truly live for today
‘eartheart’ is a conjoined word .
The earth is in my heart.
My heart is in the earth.

strolling slowly

pink invader
tiny acorn
side by side
bright red poppy
stands alone
rosehips orange
plump and firm
dry stone wall
fallen down


August 13

pine needles
like pickup sticks
game not in play
(C) EPM (elfje)

August 12

wild flowers
border the junction
Covid lockdown allows natures
(C) EPM (elfje

August 11

broken now
lost in my despair
it’s too hot
while I wilt
roses bloom with last nights rain
little scented breeze
(C) EPM (shadorma)

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