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Summer Nonet

Clover pink joins the yellow dancing
over meadows beneath blue sky,
hawthorn blossom creamy white
watches green grass moving
in Mexican waves,
sunshine spotlight
lights the stage,

Tanka for today.

North lakes scenery
absolutely beautiful,
so much green and sky.

Far horizons beckoning
release, recreate, be free.


Indigo of the third eye,
swallow blue,
darkens in the east
as the sun sets,
transcending time,
opening the gate
to higher conciousness,
clarity and purpose
and the intuition
of the swallow on
a 2,000 mile journey.

Elaine Morris (c) May 2016


Time moves on
along the daffodil edged road
A blown out tyre
lies amongst the dead.
a mile and ten minutes east
arrives here without aim.
Bluebells strive for higher morals,
nature’s determination against man.

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