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30 days into August

On reading a book about The Slow Movement I came across an article about The Clock of the Long Now which is apparently deep in a mountain.  It is mechanical and will run for 10,000 years ticking only once a year.  It also chimes random melodies haphazardly for few people or more likely no one to hear. Truly, just Google it.

I don’t
want speed

inane chatter

white noise

today’s race


I want

quiet space.


I want

to listen

to the

tick of

The Clock

of the

Long Now.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 


The flick of a switch

Turn it off

and on again

so easy

go ahead

screaming kids

barking dogs

it doesn’t work

on them.

Broken bones

sunken cake

balding head

cancelled train

overworked mind

splintered nail

caught up zip

lost in the mail

blunted pencil

battery flat

can’t find my keys

and all that tat.

Turn it off

and on again

so easy 

go ahead

and if it doesn’t

work at all

just count to ten


Elaine Patricia Morris (c) August 2017.

19 days into August

our garden bantams
feathers ruffled by the wind
feeding happily
no dust baths for them today
just showers to dodge between
(tanka) Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

5 days into August 2017

haiku inside out……
all I need is green and sky –
the absence of bricks
the surest absence of stress
haiku right side out……
from behind the cloud
the setting sun’s rays fan out
over the Welsh hills.
Elaine Patricia Morris (c)


wind through the trees
speed of infinity
scent of the lavender
bringing me home
globes of the thistle
earth and her planets
movement of water
passing of time

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) August 2017

August 1

Thus haiku is inside out…..

Usually I write myself

out of troubled times –

tonight I just need comfort

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

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