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Music of the Moor.

For Gaia Holmes, Michael Stewart, Julia Deakin and William Thirsk-Gaskell, who ‘walked the line’ of ‘the stone stanzas’ by Simon Armitage.

Wind rushes through my hair

chasing it’s own speed.

My feet slowly crunch through rustling bracken.

I wrap my arms around the turbine

while it whirrs and clicks,

still I cannot quieten the wind

nor the gulls riding the thermals

squealing over the reservoir.


The wind and I go on at different speeds

to where the hillsheep graze

pink flowers grow from seeds that rattle in their pods

tinkling water trickles between the rocks.


Spreading my coat over the crispy grass

I lay back in the heat of the day.

While the seed pods of the broom crack

II listen to the mewing

of the buzzard wheeling overhead.


Muffled discharge of gun

harrier gone with the speed of the wind

capercaillie screams and hisses

skylarks sing with the angels way up high.


Somewhere in the distance

groaning, belching, clattering of antlers

disturbs the black grouse

it runs, echoing it’s popping sound.


A golden eagle, the maestro calls

kaah – kaah, to bid me goodnight

linnets gather to sing their lullaby.

In the silence as the sun descends

pine cones tick – tick – tick and close.

Elaine Morris  (c) 2012 



  Through my half closed eyes

  sparklers in the branches

   memories of childhood.


   Writing my name up in lights

   on the cool dark evening sky.

             Elaine P.     (c)     2013


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