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May 31

leaning on a gate
where narrowing furrows
away to the sky

May 29

hawthorn scented air
adrift with downy
windblown seeds
in the birdsong
that is my silence


May 22

windblown seeds
dance through the air
my dreams of summer
also scattered
by unseasonable weather

(C) EPM (gogyohka)

May 19

sunshine lights up
the chestnut candelabra
in the shade beneath it
the last bluebells nod
to the ragged robin

(C) EPM (gogyohka)

May 17 diamante

white scented
blossoming bringing announcing
springtime sunshine, winter snowdrift
chilling sparkling freezing
light gentle
flakes (or were they petals)

(C) EPM (diamante)

May 16

the highlight
of this day
sweet hawthorn

white as snow
blossom scent
fills the air

wrapping me
in springtime

(C) EPM (tricube)

May 15 diamante

cold wet
drizzling pouring unseasonable
weather puddles droplets teardrops
displaying glistening adorning
beautiful clear
(C) EPM (diamante)

May 12

everything’s greening
pendulus branches
swing in the breeze
Scott Joplin’s
Maple leaf rag
swings my soul
foot tapping
a spring in my step
spring all around
everything’s preening

May 5

across the garden
small birds undulating flight
write the music

a choir of viola
raise their heads and sing
the morning anthem


My magic box

I will put in my magic box…

The wild flowers of my childhood
around the lanes in Shropshire
and in the Sahara desert where
you’d least expect to find them
to take them home to Mum.
I will put in my magic box…

The pine cones we collected
in Surrey woods and commons
daisy chains in Guildford parks
a field of golden buttercups
that reflect beneath my chin.
I will put in my magic box…

sea shells picked up in Somerset
and faraway in Tripoli
where mimosa bushes hid our den
and the donkey came with Ramadan
to take me to the sea.

My magic box is made of…

Summer dresses stitched by Mother
with skirts as free as summer wind
circles of love, circles of everything
scented with jam jar rose petal perfume
securely tied with white satin ribbon.



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