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#FebruaryFun 26

A Septolet.
Pussy willow
pipping branches
sunny stillness
catkins dangle
pairing birds
spawning frogs
nearly spring.
Elaine Morric (c) 2016.

#FebruaryFun 25

Today I found out
I am going on radio
to read my poems.
Oh. My. What next ?

#FebruaryFun 24

A leaf gently bowed
when the first snowflake landed –
honour in nature

Haiku (c)   2016
Elaine Morris

#FebruaryFun 23

Being inside
in the warm
while the other half
was out in 0 degrees
under a starlit sky
with a telescope.

#FebruaryFun 22

Change is inevitable.
          Welcome it.

#FebruaryFun 21

The Blackbird.
The wind is the beat
of the blackbird’s wing,
his golden beak the sun.
The twinkle in his eyes
are the moon and stars,
his song trills out his love.
He nods his head to listen
to our memories of those
who fly with him in freedom
but never leave our hearts.
Elaine Morris (c) 2016

#FebruaryFun 20

Grey relentless rain,
threatening moods,
Cuddle up indoors.
(c) 2016

#FebruaryFun 19

Embrace the world and all it’s colours,
shelter beneath the rainbows arch.
(c) 2016

#FebruaryFun 18


Acrostic (c) 2016

#FebruaryFun 15 – 17

#FebruaryFun 15
line dried washing,
new beginnings
for my dreams.
#FebruaryFun 16
Easy companionship
with like minded friends.

#FebruaryFun 17
A day of yin and yang,
help and humiliation,
hot and cold,
up and down,
quiet despair
to end a day of torment.
Space and quiet,
an evening of solace.
Tomorrow is another day.

All above (c) 2016.

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