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26 days into February

lavender growing

tips greener

sky lighter

days longer

snowdrops nodding


roots deepening

hearts lifting


Sept (c) Elaine Patricia Morris


Beneath winter’s barren hedge

daffodils push to trumpet golden glory.

Beneath our outward, “I’m fine thanks”.

minds and hearts hide secrets and pain.


Elaine Patricia Morris 

(c) February 2017. 

16 days into February

They’re coming

with their brightness

poetic licence

forward thinking

hopes for spring.

Let’s not forget

it’s now they’re blooming

in wind that’s cooling

using strength

we should admire,

while we sit huddled

by the fire.

(c) Elaine Patricia


15 days into February


split, divide

continue to grow

side by side together.


(Elfje)  (c) Elaine Patricia 

Good news

My poem ‘Shin-rin yoku’ has been accepted for the anthology Gazing at Gaia which is being published to raise money for Manchester Buddhist Centre. 

A bright spell among the darkness of  the nasty virus I am struggling with at the moment.

3 days into February

There has often been a little confusion here as some of my work is published under the name of Elaine Morris and some Elaine Patricia.  From here on I shall be Elaine Patricia.  Thank you Libby for highlighting this problem.

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