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30 days into March


green leaflets

behind one another

building summer’s natural screen.



Elfje by Elaine Patricia Morris


24 days into March




I look towards

the afternoon sun

leaving shadows behind

to be dealt with later on

when light does not lure me outside

to the garden with a cup of tea.

Many are the duller days of life

for when household chores are waiting.

I will keep my golden smile

like warmth of brighter times

helping through grey days

working indoors

while waiting

for the


(reverse nonet / nonet)

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

23 days into March

Someone stole

my smile.

Little Buddha

nurtured it

until my

heart rejoiced

once again.

..  (sept)

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

22 days into March

The weather isn’t getting any better


spring’s first gentle breath

hedgerows carressed with blossom

be patient a while


the blackthorn’s spines defiant

as winter strives to hold on


Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

20 days into March

at ten twenty eight

the spring equinox occured-

winter’s grip still holds


Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

19 days into March


leaflets cup

the alder’s smile

her arms outstretched in



Elaine Patricia Morris  (c)

16 days into March

Woke to a light grey morning

and a message of contempt

from someone who is jealous

because a cousin did attempt

to make a point of meeting me

without consulting her.

She is not his only cousin

there are quite a lot of us

but I’m  the one who isn’t loud

and doesn’t make a fuss.

So I’m not going to let her spoil this

I shall meet them as we’ve planned

and hope she sees that just like us

she’s another grain of sand.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Haiku for March 10th

a Mexican wave

of daffodils brightening

my morning commute


Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

Help needed

Does anybody know if free ebook publishing by Amazon Direct Publishing really is free and do you still hold the copyright ?  

Also if you change your mind before completion can you remove your copy ?

Thanks folk.  Elaine Patricia Morris

Night lights

city lights lay out

stranding away to the moor

adorning her neck with lace


Katuata 577

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 

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