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29 days into August

waking up refreshed-
some gentle yoga stretches
a simple meditation
promises held in
summer early morning mist-
unhurried shower
sweet orange scented bubbles
this day is mine forever
haiku and tanka
Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) August 2016

25 days into August

a five pointed star

or an eight spoked wheel

the yin and the yang

praying hands of namaste-

sit neatly in a circle

Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) August 2016 (tanka)


The Country Dance

The willow she sings dozy dotes
and diddly dum the ivy
alder buckthorn waves her arms
the bracken slowly bows.

The pale pink rose buds her head
lavender quivers with glee
buddlea curtsies, bumble bees hum
the gate swings to and fro.

The garden spider spins her web
and circles left and right
butterflies gently clap their wings
and round we go again.

Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) August 2016.

15 days into August

are leaf lines life lines

of pereniality~

it’s Monday again

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) August 2016

Moon change.

Moon change.

I could walk forever this promenade
waves of sand across the beach
the sea hugging the horizon
full of promise
waiting for the moon
to change the tide.

I could walk forever in seasoned air
wavelets teasing sun dried sand
the sea singing it’s lullaby
of stars and rest
waiting for the moon
to change the time.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) August 2016

10 days into August

wrap around perfume
encircling solitude~
summer lavender

free my mind from mundane stuff
let me dance in life’s circle

Elaine Morris (c) August 2016

8 days into August

space in the garden
just some summer mindfulness~
someone washes up

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) August 2016

7 days into August

Walk in quietness
listen to your conciousness
there’s light beyond the weeping.

Elaine Morris (c) August 2016
Japanese form Katauta.

2 days into August

by the garden shed

the rowan changes season-

my legs grow weary

Elaine Morris (c) August 2016

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