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Fresh roasted coffee.
A hiss of steam promising
a foam topped latte.

Brown demerara sugar
sinks slowly. The coffee stirs.

Elaine Morris (c) 2014


Why does my mind wander,
where to, where from.
Why can’t I anchor it,
peg it down, fasten it,
as I secure laundry on the line.
How does confidence just up and leave
me, blowing on the breeze alone.
Emotions change like wind direction
and leave me flapping aimlessly.
Where is the peg that holds all this in control.
Is it my mind, my heart, my brain,
or is it the core of my being.
Unseen, unheard and rarely spoken of.

Elaine Morris (c) 2014.


September haiku

Autumn’s mellow mist
silently covers secrets
midday sun reveals.
Elaine Morris (c) 2014.

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