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June 30

Here I am beside a vase of golden yellow roses.

Earth I love the way the buds open to reveal many layers. Some a little closer than others and the gentle spiral into the heart.

Leaning in I see my life in the vase. Some days closed and tight and others wide open. So many smiles between those petals.

Listing gratitude for layers and the spaces between them that allow me to dream and cut glass vases that reflect the light.

Offering fresh water to encourage more layers, more spaces and more dreams.



June 28


fill the air with scent

and thoughts of June


June 27

no sunshine spotlight

where I lie

a cooler mornining

sunshine shy

and yet a smile

bye and bye


June 26

sunset dappled sky

soft tangerine evening

slips slowly away


June 25

in a field of tall buttercups

Alpaca necks reach higher

heads turning-

their legs folded beneath them

(C) EPM ( naani) ( gogyohka)

June 23

all afternoon

the chiff chaff

and the hum of bees


June 21

the morning routine

five senses in the bathroom

ready for the day


June 17

sitting by the open door

I see a smiley face

in the doorstep stone


June 14

first trip to town

in eighteen months

closed down shops

closed down faces

nothing to lift the spirit

glad of the quiet

glad of the space

glad to be home safe

(C) EPM Living in an area where we have a surge in cases of Delta variant of Covid 19.

June 12

eye to eye

with buttercups

this new perpective

(C) EPM (When out on my scooter)

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