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January 31

invisibilty cloak
hides hilltop tower
silent memories and dreams

#elfje (c) EPM

January 30

winter gazebo
faded colours flapping
summer memories wind blown

#elfje (c) EPM

January 25

Today the colour of my life

blends into a fuzzy mess

where I find the fog

that often blends us

into a over used palette.

A long soak should recover

both the palette and I.


January 19

I need familiarity.
Is this a health matter
or age related ?
The places of ‘home’
wrap their arms around me
as soon as I enter.
Maybe it’s a winter thing.
Will I spread my wings
when spring pushes through
and I pass another
day of continuation ?


January 16

after the storm
light in an upturned shell-
is anybody home

January 15

my soul skates
with Dimitri Shostakovitch..
longing to be young
(on hearing DS Jazz suite waltz 2)

. Sea

. rolling riding
. waves enchroaching
. splashing foaming
. swallowing the beach
. rushing curling
. power unleashed
. wild relentless
. beneath the setting sun
. tumbling spilling
. momentum continuity
. threat protection
. following the moon
. (C) EPM

Jan 5

Sunday afternoon
generational catchup
where love and acceptance bide
(C) EPM (katauta)

January 2

teased away
fairy lights

the tree
released to
fresh air and rain
(C) EPM (septolet)

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