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New Year’s Eve

By the hearth
in the firelight,
the ceremonial shredding
of the calendar
the placing on the peg
of the new one.
May you all find room
on a happy peg.
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2017/18


27 days into December

the limbo days
between Christmas and New Year
making plans and forging dreams
tomorrow waits to be lived
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas signs of hope-
in memorial woodland
daffodils spear through cold earth
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2017

20 days into December

a comfort of people
eat lunch together
in the warmth that is
the advent of Christmas
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2017

I need to write.

I don’t need platitudes.
I don’t need glory.
I need expression.
I need fulfilment.
We don’t all see
the world the same.
We are all on
different levels.
I need to write
through my own eyes.
I need to find
my own place.
I need to accept
my limitations
and stretch my own
We all evolve
at different speeds.
We grow together
but separately.
We are all connected
by unseen threads
but I need to weave
my own words.
I need to write.
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) Dec. 2017.

The Poet’s Tip

Sometimes in life

you hear a phrase

that races in

your heart and mind

and knowing they

are not your words

you search for more

to replicate

the sentiment

that first you met

upon another’s lips.


No synonyms

nor opposites

no adjectives

no smells or sounds

no closing eyes

will conjure up

the aura sense

that fed your soul

as did those words

that first you met

upon another’s lips.


The beauty is

within yourself

rhyme and reason

trapped inside

will flow out from

your fingertips

if only you

observe and breathe

with open hearts

so someone else

will find delight

in words first met

upon another’s lips.


Elaine Patricia Morris (c) Dec. 2017

8 days into December

this cold weather and
festivities are playing
havoc with my health
like trees I need rest
recuperation and hush
in early winter
when most humans are striving
to be better than the rest
(haiku & tanka)
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2017

6 days into December

things don’t go as planned
life is just crazy sometimes
what is going on
traffic lights turn red
when they see us approaching
journeys seem longer
important things go missing
where am I to start
short of time again
too many things need doing
why is life so fast
patching things up
I’m always playing catch up
will I ever win
so in the meantime
I will pace myself slower
I am not in charge
Elaine Patricia Morris

4 days into December

Sometimes life kicks you back
because you are kicking at
something else.
Sometimes you need to learn
because teaching is not
what is needed.
Sometimes life revolves
on it’s own axis without
your help.
Sometimes it’s not wise
to put your best foot forward
only to trip your self up.
Sometimes love is hard to express
support does not mean help
it means listen.
This is my time to listen, learn,
stand back, love and let life
happen as it will.
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2017

3 days into December

small clouds
hung on
the pine trees
half way up
the mountainside
(c) Elaine Patricia Morris 2017

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