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July 30

velvet moss
above the height restrictions
on the arched gate

July 29

blushing pink balsam
invades our foxgloves
chokes our willow herb
non native plant
showing no


rushing wind you
set everything dancing
thoughts tumbling
eyes sparkling
I am drawn to you
with hair ruffling
happily smiling
and breathing
just breathing

July 27

after the opticians
tadpoles in my tea
vitreous detachment

July 23 earthello

Here I am talking to a tree.
Earth its young growth dances freely while the dark of age is deep within its crown.
Leaning in I see branches supporting its different parts.
Listing gratitude for my support system, fresh new thoughts and the freedom to dance if I wish.
Offering my youthful memories and my autumn years to make more.

July 21 (haibun)?

Here I am in my lavender colour jacket.
Earth your lavender grows in pots outside the shop.
Leaning in to the scent of peace and traquility.
Listing gratitude for my knowledge,
my memories and waiting time.
Offering my wellbeing that I can share this gentleness.
smoky green
scented leaves growing
quietly in small pots.
………….(C) EPM

July 17 pencils

through the forest
I see pencils and match sticks
too busy to move on

July 16 a dry spot

beneath a fat tree
in the mizzling wet
a dry spot

July 15 oak tree

oak tree by the gate
girth two and a half hugs
many offspring


Here I am pondering
Earth and evolution alike
Leaning into each other
Listing gratitude for change, growth and learning
Offering my curiosity

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