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In this grief

Are we subject to natural selection
Why does it hurt so much
I am normally guided by nature
Work with seasons and sunlight as such

Now I don’t have an anchor for life
And the sadness of sunset will come
Offering only another dark night
Of waking hours in distress of the loss

I am angry with the universe now
I am lost in this strangeness and fear
Not a day or a year now with nature
Will make any of this horror seem clear




Can anything be too real
Can loss be forever true
Can fear replace security
Can dark emptiness ensue
Can light shed hope on worry
Can this happen to me and you
Can anything be too real
Can loss be forever true

March 28 b

these faded curtains
floral patterns just tints now
all those sunny days

March 27

the sea has stolen my sandcastle
will my dreams of tomorrow
come back on the tide

March 28

sandy coloured moors
a desert of last years grass
new growth still isolated
(C) EPM March 2020

March 25

my garden sky
no criss crossed vapour trails
no one drawing kisses

March 23

star scattered woodland floor
celandines sunny faces
white wood anemone stars
giving and taking the light
namaste to the trees
(C) EPM March 2020

March 23

So proud to be chosen

your words

passing my fingers

enter my heart



Japanese woodblock and print belong to


March 21

kitchen window
buff tailed bumble bee taps
in its freedom

March 20 Spring Equinox

blackthorn flowers
white as swans
in my day of darker shades
(C) EPM March 2020

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