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November 30

this old house
settles into night
I become alert

November 29

my finger
slowly scrolls
through Sunday morning

November 28

a rosy sunbacked cloud
the half moon reflects

November 27

November mist
where sketetal trees
overlook in stillness

the dry stone wall
comes to life
in twinkliing moss


November 26

mist over the hills

like natures warm breath

on a cold morning

draws the day inward

wraps me in the home

that is my heart


November 25

the moon slipped
behind the chimney
hiding while I seek
where trees
are scribbled on the sky

(C) EPM (naani)

Daily Haiku: Nov. 21, 2020

freshly raked sand . . . the morning open to reinvention   by Angela Terry (USA) Mariposa, 34, Spring/Summer 2016  

Daily Haiku: Nov. 21, 2020

November 19

I saw a chaffinch today,
a robin and a squirrel.
The trees are bare,
now I can see the bark,
the moss and lichen.

Through the hedge
I see cattle, sheep, dry stone walls
and in the distance
the lake, blue as the sky.

This is the season of openness.
Open hearts and open minds
will open up the future.


November 14

the sun goes down
the city lights up
the stars still shy

November 11

sitting outside life
on a dark November day
Costa and haiku

recalling time

just a few
that say so much

(our shortform poetry used to meet here)
(haiku / piku / piku)

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