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28 days into November 

love the evening stripes

underlining the daytime

ready for dream time

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2016


23 days into November


in shadow

seeing autumn’s glory

the light that beckons.


Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

21 days into November

driving in the red eye queue

in the morning twilight

still heading for the day

that has already started

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)


Just around the corner

on a grey November day

illumination red and gold

delights my heart, my life, my soul,

yet somewhere in the distance

I hear the forest calling,
not all of us are changing

some of us are ever green

we are happy with our berries

our pine cones and our leaves,
don’t judge us by our clothing

our colour or our stature

we are invaluable to all

you need us in your picture.

Elaine Patricia Morris

(c) November 2016

Why? Because?

I watched falling rain

sharpen and whiten

become hail


towards earth

bouncing against gravity

dancing in winter coldness.

I want to dance

on bleaker days

live like


ever present

constant and alive

just growing without question.

Elaine Patricia Morris

(c) November 2016

13 days into November




on car dash board,




Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

4 days into November

Sometimes people jump to the wrong conclusions but don’t allow those who really know to explain. Nothing can be done only give them time. One day the truth will out and apologies made. Until then live your life in your own truth and love and forgiveness.

look before you leap
crickets can jump any way-
we are not crickets

Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) November 2016

3 days into November

yesterday golden
autumn bathed in warm sunshine
family warmth waiting

down the Welsh border
at the end of our journey
welcoming us in.

back home feeling grey
today the hedges shiver
all things are changing

Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) November 2016

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