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All Hallows Cat   

Slow and silent

dark and sleek

leaving no footprints

no scent, no spraint

that night she stalked

no shadows cast

beneath the hazy moon.


Weaving onward

across the field

and into the hollow

beside the pool

she sat a while

there looking in

with no reflection seen.


She stared at the water

calm and still

the suddenly, deeply

down in it’s throat

a vortex whiled

and gathering in

leaves and rocks

and then herself

were thrashing about

into the darkness

leaving alone

an echoing cry

and the lowering

hazy moon.


Elaine Patricia Morris (c) Oct. 2017


October 31 … katauta

in autumn stillness

leaves fall as poppy petals

both carrying memories


Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 

October 30 … piku series

this golden
of autumn morn

this golden
surrounding me

this golden
beneath my feet

this golden
of harvesting

this golden
of natures year
Elaine Patricia Morris (c)


October 30 … septolet

do not


the last rose

as she fades


the tulips

are only 



Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

October 27 … tanka

sun low in the sky
flickers in time with my speed-
I lower my eyes

driving the shadow striped road
beside the autumn carpet
Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

The Fall

don’t mourn
the changing season
we leave our parent
not to perish
but to flourish
feed and nourish
deciduous circling
all death to life

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) Oct. 2017

October 12

(Tanka. Pi-ku)

Crazy crazy day
Busy busy nearly done
Ready for wedding
Travelling down tomorrow
From Manchester to Bicester

Friends and family
My cousin’s special day
Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

October 11 … WOW

among my cacti
living stone- dinteranthus
amazing flower

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) Oct. 2017.

October 10 … haiku

cooking’s like music-

different combinations

of all the same notes

Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2017

October 9 … haiku

water plays with light

life plays with our emotions-

rainbows play with both

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

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