From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words


I was the eldest girl in my Father’s regiment, often responsible for my four siblings and later on my Mother.

Having scribbled over the years I now have time to think, dream and concentrate on the world I live in.

My project for later life is to share my poetry and encourage open minds to join me.

It has been my intention since my Grandson was born that he should know ‘who I am’  he is now 11 years old and we have a smashing relationship.

In the last few years I have performed some of my work at libraries, charity nights and The Wirral Festival of Firsts.

I have been published in magazines and among The Best of Bolton.  In 2016 I self published my first collection of poetry ‘ Cloud Nine’.

I currently run a short form poetry group ‘Incidental Haiku’ with my daughter.  It is early days but seems to be going well.   Incidentally, my grandson writes fabulous haiku.  I wonder if we are the only family of haijin ( writers of haiku).





Comments on: "About" (5)

  1. Only today have I realised people actually read this About page. Thank you. I think I should maybe update it a little.

  2. beautiful blog and ever beautifuler story… loved my stay and hope to visit frequently…

  3. Elaine, your ‘About’ page is wonderful ..

  4. Boy am I slow – nice to catch up eventually Elaine Patricia lovely bio.

  5. elleceef said:

    I enjoy your blog very much, Elaine. Every time I visit I’m inspired in some way. Thank you so much for visiting Mia Tenda Journal. I appreciate your interest 🙂

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