From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

May 13

they said to wear masks
during coronavirus
stay alert, stay safe
later we will meet again
each one of us a wing nut

Comments on: "May 13" (2)

  1. :)) … over here too I think our leaders are showing the strain of conflicting pressures. The messaging seems to be all over the place and masks of any quality (though I feel better wearing one on the rare occasion I have to go to the store) are being elevated in importance, while testing is still lagging. Cheers from ‘already a wing nut’ in Ontario 🙂

  2. People need to know that even the simplest of masks only protects others from you. Unless you’ve got an N95 or N100 (yes they have been upgraded) – Masks should be the last line of defense in regards to safety in combating this virus.

    The politicians are being pushes, some have no rhyme or reason as to who they allow to stay open… and those without jobs or those who have had to close, never mind those without homes… are all hurting more than the skewed numbers will ever show.

    We need to continue to be diligent and keep our sanity and be brave as we learn how to cope and help those in need. Which we can only do when we take care of ourselves first.

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