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January 29

feeling melancholy, fear and anger / questioning why without answer / stepping aside in consideration / mystery no easy appreciation / when all this is so close to home / and there is nothing to be done / (C) EPM

Comments on: "January 29" (4)

  1. I understand this much better now – there is no rhyme or reason at times and it should call us all to anger.

  2. Wanting to do something, feeling impotent, something we can all relate too. Sending hugs.

  3. (((Hugs))) We met with some family last evening. After a movie and dinner we talked. As grandparents there isn’t much we can do except support our children in the choices about the grandchildren. If we push too hard we could be pushed away. There is a time to take over responsiblity of a childs care, but that is only when true abuse occurs. Otherwise it is often best to understand that the busy scheduals they have are actually very simiar to what it was like when we were younger and were raising the ‘parents’ our own children. …

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