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Nat. Haiku Writing Month

NaHaiWriMo 2015.

Day 8…prompt…native

native bluebells grow
by imported Spanish blooms
side by side- harmonized

Day 9…prompt…nuclear

feeling drawn into
deep dark heart of a tulip~
it’s soul- nucleus.

Day 10…prompt…novel

tea in a wigwam-
feather head dress by the door-
new life’s novelty

Day 11…prompt…northwest

north westerly winds
defy the promise of spring
buds still tightly closed

Day 12…prompt…numeric

from birth onwards-
time passes numerically~
wisdom accrues

Day 13…prompt…newfangled

not newfangled poetry~
just haiku

Day 14…prompt…neuter

neutral winter days
show us fifty shades of grey
while we wait for spring

Comments on: "Nat. Haiku Writing Month" (3)

  1. #11 is true for here…We are expecting snow this evening. Just enough to get out the shovel.

    All lovely and not ‘just’ haiku. A poetic voice from the heart. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jules. Winter here at the moment but today we have blue sky and sunshine. I am undertaking Blogging 201 starting tomorrow. It’s poetry based so hopefully I may improve.

  3. thanks for stopping by Polly

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