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May 21

dog rose in the rain / strong in it’s delicacy / jewelled spiders web / (C) EPM

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  1. I always learn something new when you introduce a plant; “Why is it called a dog rose?
    Archaeological finds have confirmed that, along with blackberries, rose hips were eaten as early as 2,000 BC. Reportedly called the dog rose due to the belief that the roots should be used if bitten by a rabid dog, this rose also goes by many other names.”

    I’ve seen these, but thought they were called primrose. Which might be posssible. 🙂
    “What is a Primrose Flower? Primroses are a low growing flower from the Primula genus that blooms from a small, leafy bush. They present in a vast range of colours and shapes, but the one you’re probably most familiar with is the primrose with five petals that become yellow towards its centre.”

    • Our wild primroses our pale yellow but they have been cultivated into many colours for gardens. I always wondered why the wild roses in hedgerows were called dog rose. Now I know. Thank you.

  2. misfit27 said:

    Dog roses grow along our old roads – strong and beautiful. This poem a painting in disguise.

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